Honey Box Furniture

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Through the decades we have painstakingly hand crafted all of our beehives (honey boxes) at home. These have then been used in the Scottish fields, woods and hills for decades gathering their wonderful honey.

We have decided to ‘retire’ some of these much loved artefacts and have created the stunning pieces of Honey Box Furniture.

All aged between 60 and 80 years old, they have been assembled by Ian, a carpenter, and life-long friend of the Hood Family. We have used the finest 75mm foam, high quality furniture grade textiles, printed individually by another small Scottish company, and hand turned wooden feet.

Included is a ‘Certificate of Authentication” signed by myself, Stuart Hood, this confirms that you are sharing a very special piece of Scotland’s beekeeping history.

Simply select your combination of wood colour and material from the lists below.

Looking for a specific material that is not listed?  Get in touch with us and make a request for a special commission e.g. a family tartan, regimental or sporting crest – we will try to source it!

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Honey Box

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