New Products – Honey Mustard & Hot Pepper Jelly

New product launch!

Delighted to give you the first glimpse of our incredible Honey Hot Pepper Jelly and Honey Mustard. Lovingly made and free from any artificial colours, flavouring or preservatives, just the very highest quality ingredients from the heart of Scotland.

All refined sugar has been replaced by our very own finest Scottish Honey, so they’re better for you and taste just divine.

Hot Pepper Jelly; A wonderful, spicy accompaniment to almost anything including cheese, salmon, burgers and to use as a ready made stir fry sauce.

Honey Mustard; Rich and zesty made using the very finest Black and Yellow Mustard seeds, its fantastic to make your own salad dressing or to accompany sausages, sardines or even Scotch Eggs!

Tasting is believing folks! Have a fantastic mouth watering day 🐝🐝🐝

Honey & Condiments

Honey Mustard & Hot Pepper Jelly