Free Collection/Local pickup Service

If you are local to our premises and wish to avoid a delivery charge we can organise for you to collect the order that you have placed online at our premises.

Please note that as per Government guidelines you cannot place orders at our premises.

If you wish to use our free collection/pickup service please follow the instructions below

  1. Within your online “CART” Select “Local pickup”
  3. At “CHECKOUT” in the “Notes” section tell us your preferred date(s) and time(s) for collection.

From your preferred options we will organise the exact date and time.  We will then email you to confirm the exact date and time of your collection/pick up.

This will allow us to follow the advice on social distancing measures by ensuring that we stagger collection times.

Collection will be outside the front of our premise.  Please ensure that you maintain a safe distance of 2 metres between anyone you may meet at our premises.  Thank you.