Highland Show Weekend 2020 – the ultimate prize giveaway!! You can be part of Team Hoods Honey for the day! To help us through missing the ‘Highland’ we’re offering 4 lucky people the chance to join us for the day! You can hear about our history, see how we make our own beekeeping equipment, watch and help us pour candles, help packaging skin care and even visit the bees at one of our apiaries! You’ll even get to keep one of the candles you pour! We’ve previously auctioned this for charity and they raised £500 for each person. There are two ways to win, andRead More →

Much of our beekeeping has always been guided by Willie Smith of Innerleithen, Scotland’s greatest ever beekeeper and designer of the hive we use today. We keep records (a notebook) of all our hives and still use the form of ‘shorthand’ he created to save on how much you have to write whilst bees are stinging your hands! One of his notebooks from 1961, given to Dad when he died, shows this (See picutre on right). Top right of the note shows the hive was based at his apiary at Elibank and that the Queen was already clipped- if it said “Clipt Qn” that meansRead More →

This was us first ‘siting’ our lovely bees at the Scottish Parliament. This is a critical part of what we do to ensure the bees wellbeing; – Always facing south, so they stay in the arc of the sun as it moves from East to West during the day. – Sheltered from the prevailing West wind. – Never closer than a metre from each other -early social distancing! – Dotted around, rather than in rows, so it’s easier for them to find their hive, rather than them ‘drifting’ to the first or last hive. – Levelled using a spirit level, with a slight ‘run’ forward,Read More →

Its a family thing! A very young Eilidh helping me at the bees, just as I helped my Dad- minus the pink bee-suit! I think she’s maybe outgrown this one! Have a great Tuesday folks and dream of easier times ahead, but be happy in the moment! Sending love from Hoods Honey HQ ❤️🐝Read More →