Despite the gloom, Christmas won’t be cancelled! I posted this image on my Facebook page way back on the 14th March as I travelled back from the cancelled rugby match in Cardiff! Seeing it made me quite emotional! I had a feeling our lives were going to change significantly, and they have! A lot of friends with small businesses have tragically not survived this. We have survived with your incredible support and once again we thank you! Our gift service continues to thrive and has brought us such joy in the darkest of days! Sending Saturday love from Hoods Honey HQ!

Sale now Closed It’s not gone away folks!! Anti Bacterial Hand and Body Wash that will also nourish your hands- restocked! We need to keep doing all we can and as highlighted yesterday by the FM and PM-effectively washing your hands is incredibly important! We’ve got this far together, and as always we are so thankful for your support! As a small token of gratitude, we’ve cut the price of our hand and body wash to £5. (Sale now closed) Every little helps and no code required! Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay safe folks!! Sending much love from Hoods Honey HQ

Hoods Honey are delighted to be donating hand wash and shampoo this morning to Roodlands Hospital where the elderly residents are running very low on toiletries. We thank you for supporting us so that we can support our local community too. Stay safe, stay at home, love those around you! ❤️🐝🐝🐝

After a week of ‘lockdown’, constant washing of hands and tidying up after kids- even your hands need a treat! Enriched with natural oils and our honey and beeswax, your hands will love you for it. Being natural they absorb quickly into your skin- making sure your wine glass wont slip! Its not what we planned folks, but its still the weekend. Be happy!

Anti bacterial honey hand washes being hand made by us today after the wonderful response from our customers throughout the UK! It has been highlighted by both the UK Government and the Guardian newspaper that washing your hands with hand wash / natural soaps and warm water will effectively break down and kill the Corona Virus, Covid 19.  Add to that our enhanced anti bacterial properties contained within the honey in our soaps, and they are the perfect answer! We have stringent hygiene systems in place at HQ, and our couriers APC are taking all care to ensure the same! They have introduced a “noRead More →