A note of our Hives in Scotland

Traquair House GatesBee Keeping ShorthandMuch of our beekeeping has always been guided by Willie Smith of Innerleithen, Scotland’s greatest ever beekeeper and designer of the hive we use today.
We keep records (a notebook) of all our hives and still use the form of ‘shorthand’ he created to save on how much you have to write whilst bees are stinging your hands!
One of his notebooks from 1961, given to Dad when he died, shows this (See picutre on right).
Top right of the note shows the hive was based at his apiary at Elibank and that the Queen was already clipped- if it said “Clipt Qn” that means it was only clipped on that visit, not previously.
The first entry on the 21st means – No cells seen 2 storey- meaning no Queen cells present and a second honey chamber was put on the hive to give it space! So it goes on.
I’ll pass this on to Eilidh, as I realise I may be the only person left who understands all of this. He was an amazing man whom my father idolised.
Have a fabulous Friday folks and stay safe. ❤️🐝🐝🐝