• Hoods Honey Condiments

Welcome to Hood’s Honey

Here at Hood’s Honey we have tended to our bees in the fields and hills of East Lothian for more than 60 years.  Caring for almost 13 million bees the old fashioned way we produce three very distinctive types of Honey- Blossom, Wildflower and Heather.  We carefully select sites where our bees will thrive, and have even been given the honour of placing them in the grounds of the Scottish Parliament!

In addition to our famous honey, we have painstakingly created a wonderfully diverse range of scented candles, honey soaps and natural skin care products with the same love and passion with which we tend for our bees.  The candles all contain our very own finest Scottish beeswax which has been used to seal every Act of the Scottish Parliament since its inception.  An incredible array of scents ensures everyone can find a favourite.

All our hand creams, soaps and lip balms contain our honey and beeswax, and are hand made by us using the very finest natural ingredients.  A simple, healthy and invigorating way to bring a very special piece of the Scottish countryside into your home, and help support the future of our brilliant bees.